About Jim Scherer

Jim_Scherer_w_CosmoI love food photography because it combines the precision of still life with a subject that is organic and changing from minute to minute.  You work to perfect lighting and composition, and at the same time accept the challenge that food is a living thing that will look different each time it is plated.

The process is collaborative: I depend on the help of talented food stylists, assistants, and production people, and wouldn’t be able to do the job alone.  We try to keep the food real, knowing it has to be shot before it gets over-worked.  The viewer’s reaction needs to be in the gut, not in the brain.  Equally important is that when you leave the studio after a day’s shoot, you’ve not only got the great photographs you expected, but you’ve also had a great experience with us and our team.

A little about me: after I finished college with a BA in studio art, I moved to Boston to try my hand in commercial photography. After assisting in a number of commercial studios, I was invited to shoot a cookbook with Julia Child. Her passion and generosity were a huge influence.  I also began what has turned into a 20-plus-year collaboration with the Boston Globe Magazine food page – a platform that lets me refine my vision on an almost weekly basis.

When not working, I enjoy bicycling, reading science, baking bread, traveling with my wife who’s a botanical artist, and horsing around with Cosmo, our family and studio dog. We’re blessed with three adult kids that live in the area.